“As 2022 draws to a close, the municipal and private sector need to work hand-in-hand to ensure that we protect our water resources,” says Chester Foster, General Manager of the SBS Group. “South Africa is a water-scarce country, we don’t have a choice. We must all act to conserve water and manage demand.”

According to the National Infrastructure Plan: 2050, water supplied through municipal-managed systems to the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors accounts for about 30% of water use.
“While the municipal sector can act by increasing desalination efforts, improving wastewater treatment output and infrastructure and delivering water storage solutions that do not utilise excessive amounts of water in the construction process, the business and private sector can play their part too, through reducing water consumption and their reliance on municipal supply.”

Foster says there are many ways the private sector can do this. These include:

  • Harvesting rainwater off building roof structures or accessing and storing groundwater in reliable water storage tanks, such as SBS Tanks;
  • Recycling process water from factories and homes for reuse instead of releasing into stormwater drains;
  • Checking for water leaks and repairing quickly;
  • Educating employees and family on wise water usage.

SBS Tanks has partnered with the public and private sector in South Africa for over 24 years and offers a comprehensive range of over 500 tank sizes suitable for the storage of harvested rainwater, recycled water, raw seawater, potable water, groundwater, process water, effluent and wastewater and many other liquids.

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