The increase in the cost of living experienced worldwide has naturally affected South Africa, which also bears the expense of load shedding. This necessitates changes in purchasing trends and products traditionally chosen for local building projects in order to maximise benefits and save both energy and reduce peak demand. Rehau’s uPVC window and door systems are products that offer these benefits…

Energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption and peak demand

Rehau recently undertook a performance modelling exercise with Solid Green Consulting to evaluate and demonstrate the energy efficiency of Rehau’s uPVC windows and doors, as energy efficiency is highly important when selecting products for new build or refurbishment building projects.
The performance study took various climate conditions, thermal comfort and light conditions into consideration across areas like Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Thermal comfort, solar heat gain and temperature losses through the building envelope were modelled and calculated.

The performance modelling exercise showed excellent results for lower energy consumption in the modelled building when using Rehau fenestration systems – either single or double glazed – compared to single glazed standard metal windows.

Installing Rehau uPVC windows and doors will greatly assist with the reduction in annual energy consumed from heating and cooling a home.

Durability and longevity

The uPVC profiles are made using a special recipe to ensure that the windows and doors are suitable for the climatic conditions in South Africa, and are UV stable.
This ensures that Rehau’s high-quality window and door profiles are hardwearing and durable. Some of the installations done countrywide about 30 years ago are still effective and in good condition.
Rehau offers a best in class 10-year warranty on uPVC window and door profiles, with very few local alternative systems offering a warranty of this length.

Noise reduction

Fitted with single or double glazing, uPVC windows and doors offer noise reduction of up to 38dB. This is an important benefit for homeowners staying close to busy highways, shopping malls, airports or in dense housing developments.

Low maintenance

uPVC profiles supplied by Rehau are low in maintenance requirements as they don’t need to be treated or maintained to keep them working effectively and looking good. They only require a wipe down to remove the dust build-up.

The benefits mentioned make Rehau uPVC windows and doors the preferred choice for all kinds of buildings. They have been specified for various developments such as Northgate Heights, Groot Parys Lifestyle Estate, 22 on North, and hotels such as the Fairlawns Boutique Hotel, Aviator Hotel, Holiday Inn Sunnyside Park, and the Cape Milner Hotel have chosen Rehau uPVC systems for their many advantages.