The imagePROGRAF TM-300 is 60% quieter and can unobtrusively fit into any working environment. Even on plain paper, the full pigment Lucia TD ink system produces exceptional print quality, and continuous printing boosts output productivity.

Four primary sources of printing noise were carefully dampened. As a result, high productivity is maintained while reducing the sound pressure relative to the imagePROGRAF TM-300 by 60% from the previous models.

Now that offices are not as noisy, demand for less distracting office equipment is driving a trend toward quieter MFPs, printers, projectors, air conditioners, and other equipment. In response to this change in office environments, we have made the imagePROGRAF TM-300 quieter and eliminated distracting noises. By maintaining a peaceful, comfortable working environment, the printers have a direct impact on work, which is a highly value-added feature. Substantial improvements were made in these four main sources of noise.

LUCIA TD Ink System
High precision printing for CAD and posters from Canon’s unique 5-colour Lucia TD ink system. LUCIA TD pigment ink, as used in high-end 5-colour TX printers, is also used in the imagePROGRAF TM-300. For drawings and posters alike, high-quality, low-cost printing is possible on plain paper. Use of pigment ink in all colours also enhances weather resistance.

Main characteristics of LUCIA TD and the advantages they provide are explained below.
High surface tension MBK ink discourages feathering and produces dense, sharp blacks.

Drawings: Clear text and fine lines even on uncoated paper
Pigment remains near the media surface, producing vibrant colours on inkjet plain paper.

Posters: Creates posters with vibrant colours even on inkjet plain paper
Pigment ink in all colours confers exceptional water resistance.

Drawings: Enhanced water resistance makes drawings easier to view and work with outdoors

Posters: On water-resistant polypropylene media, creates outdoor posters with outstanding weather resistance

Boost productivity by printing faster, thanks to a 6-channel optimised 1.07-inch print head. Continuous printing is now faster, at 144 pph for A1 landscape output of the drawing “Cottage” on plain paper, thanks to printing sequence optimization.

Media information (load, feed, and cut icons) appears on the readily accessible top-level screen, which is convenient because it is often used and is helpful for beginners. Ample icons on the colour screen make functions recognizable and enable convenient touchscreen operations. Neatly organized screens, fewer physical buttons, and an office-friendly palette also make the interface enjoyable to use.

Small footprint and front usability allow the imagePROGRAF TM-300 to fit flat to the wall. The printers’ compact design reduces the space occupied in the installation environment. Their sleek profile comes from a redesigned internal part layout and 6 cm lower bottom surface.

Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager is software that realizes efficient cost management of printers. Accounting Manager collects printer job logs and calculates the printing costs for each print job or for a certain period. Printing costs can also be calculated for each department or user. In addition, centralized management of multiple printers is also possible.

This enables efficient support or business proposals by resellers, dealers, or other partners who can check how their customers are using printers.

PosterArtist Lite

PosterArtist Lite software lets anyone easily create professional-looking posters.
A wide variety of templates, stock photos and clip art for various business types and themes are included. This lets users easily create professional-looking posters to suit a range of objectives and applications from the day of purchase.The following features are new in version 3.0.

Shift to cloud content

When content is updated or added by Canon, this provides more flexibility and freedom, allowing content to be updated as needed and provided to users without constraints in time or cost. It will also allow marketing subsidiaries and affiliates to add locally relevant content, although this is not currently supported.

Assistance with multilingual posters

A newly added feature helps with multilingual poster production. Using this feature, anyone can easily create posters with text in multiple languages.

Common expressions at retail stores, transportation facilities, and restaurants are available in a 10-language* glossary containing more than 900 entries. Users can select expressions for things such as emergency exits, special merchandise, or baby carriages, or phrases about international shipping, fastening seatbelts, or halal cuisine. After selecting a listed word or phrase in their own language, users simply select the target language, and the equivalent expression is inserted automatically.


With a new tiling feature in Free Layout plus (described later), users can combine multiple poster-sized sheets to create an extra-larger poster.

Users can also benefit from Direct Print & Share and Free Layout Plus support CAD and poster production from the imagePROGRAF TM-300.

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