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Team cohesion: the secret to success!

Complex projects are successfully completed by teams and not individuals. The contractor, employer and whole professional team must work together towards one goal.

In a team, no one is more important than anyone else. Serving the common goal becomes the team’s main focus. Strong leadership keeps all team members focused on their individual tasks. We need to ask ourselves: “Am I a team player or do I only want to boost my own ambitions?”

Choose your team members wisely. The fact that a potential team member has previous experience of a specific task should not be the only requirement for the job. Character outweighs experience in tough situations. To be successful, you need gutsy members with character to persuade those with ‘experience’ that a job can be done, rather than simply to agree that it cannot. David knew what he was capable of and did not listen to the negativity when he decided to face Goliath.

A balanced team has a far greater chance of success than one that is unbalanced. In the same way, a super-talented individual doesn’t make a winning soccer team, but teamwork does. All members of the team need to pull together.

Working as a team may also mean that fellow team members have to pick up the weakest link for all to succeed. Rather than leaning on someone else, we all should uplift each other.

Strong leadership, character and equal effort can only function well with proper communication. In this age of more connectivity and less connection, team members must go the extra mile to communicate efficiently. It is the responsibility of the communicator to ensure they communicate effectively. It is no use shouting at a teammate to pass the ball when he is too far away and can’t hear you. Get closer so he can hear you, and he will pass the ball.

Teams that work well together, stay together and are more successful. It is important to keep winning teams intact. Individual members learn to understand each other over time and you don’t want to loose that cohesion that was built. Having that special “glue” that keeps a team together is key to success.

At 2iiConsulting, we focus on the project and work alongside fellow team members to one common goal. We are team players and are always passionately involved in all our projects. The size of a project does not matter when you put your heart into it.

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