Sonae Arauco envisions an all-new luxury finish for a contemporary market

Sonae Arauco

Launching this October, Spirit, Sonae Arauco’s latest addition to the Innovus finishes range joins an already award-winning list of distinguished finishes that form part of the iconic Innovus Decorative Products range.

Spirit is an exclusive finish full of movement and contrasting textures that, when combined with Innovus’ premium décors, provides the natural look and feel of real wood. This final touch makes the Spirit finish an exceptional product that defines and expands upon the existing Innovus Decorative Products range.

Spirit is primarily marketed as a premium finish with its own unique collection of bespoke décors. Because of its unique design and texture, Spirit is more than just an additional finish. Moreover, it is envisioned as the new standard-bearer of Innovus Decorative Products. As such, Spirit’s deep-pore effect melds with the concept of Matching Life while blending its veneer-like aesthetics with natural patterns and tight urban spaces.

Developed with the sophistication of Italian walnut in mind, this exceptional finish is the perfect solution for elegant wall panelling, furniture, and interior applications. When one envisions a multifunctional space, consideration of a decorative design that incorporates a feeling of togetherness is key. Because of this, Spirit has introduced five enticing new décors to the fold.

These include Amber, Aurora, Eclipse, Kingswood, and Nevada. The Spirit decors are unique in that they will only be available in the all-new premium Spirit finish.

Amber. Light, airy, and perfect for bright open spaces. Amber is a fair and stenciled décor with a unique airbrushed pattern that accents to create a welcoming yet contemporary look and feel.

Aurora. Bearing the sleek patterns of hardwood combined with a mature and greyed colour palette, Aurora enhances the look and feel of modern urban spaces with relative ease.

Eclipse. Inspired by the neutral colour palette of contemporary design, Eclipse bears the hallmark patterns of ebony wood combined with an enticing yet collected dark expression.

Kingswood. A royal delight with a dark and chocolatey colour palette, Kingswood is a splendid décor perfect for vibrant interiors and enhanced by a deep and enticing pattern.

Nevada. Rich in both texture and in the vibrancy of its colour palette, Nevada accentuates a warm and inviting ambience with detailed patterns and a wistful finishing touch.

Beyond this, the Spirit finish sets the bar for contemporary decorative solutions both in South Africa and particularly in the European market where the stated goal is to align with international interior design trends.

Because of the high-quality application of this finish, Spirit will be available for MDF base products only. The Spirit finish, when combined with the five new décors, is created for contemporary high-end interior design projects.

The Spirit Launch will be unveiled with an online event that will include keynote speeches from both South African and International teams. Regional show days will be hosted at specified venues throughout the country. These included the cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

The Innovus teams are anticipating a large turnout of attendees thanks to the event timing (as the country starts to reopen) and various promotional packages including an all-expenses-paid trip to Kruger National Park with Hilton Rose at the Casterbridge Hollow Hotel and various Takealot vouchers up for grabs.

The show days present the opportunity for affiliates and clients alike to experience Spirit in its entirety. All attendees are invited to examine the look and feel of Spirit with the new décors providing an excellent canvas for its unique texture. With exceptional feedback lauding Spirit for its intrinsic design and aesthetics, Innovus decorative products are now poised as the benchmark for wood-based décors internationally.

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