Extensive research and cutting-edge technology combine in the Plascon Professional range to give architects, builders and others in the trade a complete, industry-leading and environmentally friendly coatings system.

Plascon Professional range of coatings are perfect for green developments

Extensive research and cutting-edge technology combine in the Plascon Professional range to give architects, builders and others in the trade a complete, industry-leading and environmentally friendly coatings system. And because a project is only as good as the professionals involved, the Plascon Professional team also offers the Plascon 360o Partnership Pledge.

This comprehensive service, which is available for projects awarded to a Plascon Preferred Applicator, and where the paint value exceeds R250 000, covers Plascon’s specifications and materials, plus their application. Offering an industry expert at every stage of a project, it ensures not only the best return on an investment, but peace of mind in green building projects.

These days, there’s no excuse for any reputable business not to inculcate a green culture, and to take concrete steps towards decreasing their impact on the environment. Plascon Professional acknowledges its responsibility to the planet, which is why it cultivates a culture dedicated to creating quality products in a progressive and sustainable way.

The quest for minimal environmental impact

The team continually strives to find ways to decrease any impact on natural resources, and follows manufacturing standards of the highest international standards. They implement sustainability in their manufacturing standards through the company’s business systems and processes. And the Plascon’s product lines are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure alignment with international legislation, and to always be industry leading and environmentally aware.

Clients who enter into a Plascon 360o Partnership Pledge are first assigned a Plascon Professional team to do an on-site assessment to determine their coating needs, based on the substrate condition and surrounding environment. This enables the team to select the most suitable coating system for each unique project, and they also assist with colour renderings, wet samples and A4 brushouts to make colour selection easier. Plascon consultants then pay regular visits to the site throughout the coatings process, to monitor the application accuracy against the specification, deliver comprehensive reports, and finally issue a Plascon Quality Assurance Guarantee which, in the event of proven product failure, will cover product, equipment and application.

“We’re involved from inception to completion, making sure the right coating system is specified according to the environment and condition of the building substrates,” explains Plascon Professional Market Manager, Carol Ras.

Focused on the clear goal to create long-lasting, integrity-based relationships, the Plascon Professional team is ready to assist across a wide range of needs, from customised product specifications to cost-effective coating solutions for new and redecoration projects.

For Plascon, green isn’t just a colour

Kansai Plascon sees green as more than just the colour of one of its paints – it represents every aspect of the company’s practices. As a leading manufacturer in the coatings industry, Plascon is aware of how its production impacts the environment, which is why it engages innovaative solutions for long-lasting sustainability across every aspect of its business.

As sustainability is all about green practices, Plascon is committed to ensuring that its environmental impact is always as minimal as possible. “We integrate sustainability into the very core of our business strategy,” says Ras. ‘We believe that the future is green, so every day at Plascon is a chance to make more ecologically considerate decisions.’

Plascon’s green philosophy is underpinned by three pillars: green processes, green practices and green products. Together, these three pillars inculcate a Plascon culture that is environmentally aware and conscious at every turn.

Green processes cover the manufacturing element of Plascon’s production processes and include environmental compliance. Since 2005, all of Plascon’s South African manufacturing plants have been ISO 14001 certified, meaning that they adhere to internationally agreed-on standards for an environmental management system.

Pioneering sustainable processes

The company has implemented pioneering processes for its formulas that reduce levels of glycols and solvents (high concentrations of which can seriously affect human, animal and plant health), eliminate the use of environmentally toxic lead driers, pigments and additives, and reduce the need for the energy-intensive process of converting ilmenite ore into titanium dioxide, the most important white pigment used in the coatings industry.

Plascon’s products is another area in which there’s no compromise when it comes to sustainability. Due to a lack of global regulations, many paint products contain large quantities of volatile organic compounds, which can emit dangerous chemicals into the air we breathe. Plascon’s interior water-based premium brands, however, including Double Velvet, Cashmere and Professional products, all meet the strict criteria laid down by the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Green Star rating tools, which stipulate specific low or zero levels of volatile organic compounds.

Other green innovations include implementing more water-efficient cleaning processes, effective waste management and environmentally aware packaging, and preventing on-site pollution. Each of Plascon’s product lines is continuously reviewed and innovations are put into practice to ensure the utmost environmental consideration and sustainability.