The effects of drought and water restrictions have been felt by all South Africans for many years.


In the last 15 years we have seen and felt the impact of load-shedding on business operations and domestic life. The effects of drought and water restrictions have also been felt by all South Africans for many years. Add to these the challenges of ageing municipal infrastructure, nationwide riots and climate change causing floods that devastate infrastructure. There is little doubt that architects, building designers, property developers and planners need to prioritise going off-grid – or at the very least having a backup plan for energy and water in place.

“Tackling this at design level makes for easier implementation and improves the marketability of a property exponentially,” says Chester Foster, GM: The SBS Group, which includes SBS Tanks and SBS Energy. “Planning for water and energy is essential for continued business operations and to ensure that lifestyle standards are maintained. Although it is ideal to start at design stage, our SBS solutions can be added at any stage, in an aesthetically pleasing and practical way.”

The SBS Group works with architects, consulting engineers, urban planners, contractors, and industry specialists to deliver advanced off-grid water solutions which are modular, can be designed to maximise capacity on a limited footprint, and are colour-coated to either blend in or make a statement. The company offers a comprehensive range of rainwater harvesting, recycled or process water storage, and back-up water and energy solutions including usage monitoring for any size operation.

“With demand for water in South Africa expected to outstrip supply by 2030 and load-shedding set to be a part of our future, installing backup water and energy supply solutions must be prioritised,” Foster says. “Working with turnkey partners we work to maximise the client’s return on energy and water storage infrastructure and limit risk exposure. The addition of SBS Energy to our business portfolio earlier this year has meant we can now offer a complete off-grid solution.”

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