Infusing sustainability and the project’s three keywords – connective, comfortable and versatile – into its design, a new office for an international software company in Russia transforms into a modern campus environment.


The JetBrains Office Campus in Saint Petersburg is a regeneration of the firm’s specific approach to work culture. Global architects, UNStudio, designed bespoke healthy workstations for all 1 000 newly housed employees.

The atrium forms the core of the JetBrains community

Central to the design is a vertically stepped, indoor atrium. This generous open space connects to an outdoor courtyard and terraces with expansive views of the Gulf of Finland. Meeting rooms, breakout spaces, auditoriums and a restaurant are organised along the atrium. Bridges span the large spaces, while carefully designed and intertwined biophilia form the natural backdrop for activities.

The courtyard terraces overlooking the Gulf of Finland

Acting as a vestibule, the imposing lobby creates the first views towards the atrium. The courtyard on the fully landscaped podium level is enclosed by an active gallery and provides an intimate outdoor overflow space

Concept diagram (left) and architectural axonometric section (right).