Greenhill Estate celebrates their off-grid approval by City of Tshwane mayor Randall Williams and his team, and the launch of the estate’s self-sustainable development solutions for power, water and sewer.

From the
roots up

Greenhill Estate celebrates their off-grid approval by City of Tshwane mayor Randall Williams and his team, and the launch of the estate’s self-sustainable development solutions for power, water and sewer.

Fabulously positioned at the top of Waterkloof Heights, Greenhill Estate offers 360-degree views and energy-efficient, sustainable living in an exclusive, secure lifestyle estate.

Founder, Brett Petzer, has over 30 years’ experience in the property industry, and has been involved in the construction of over 100 residential estates. Petzer’s experience and skill set includes identifying real estate opportunities, conceptualising property development plans, and building to the highest green building standards in the country.

The concept of an off-grid housing development occurred to him after he bought a large tract of land that he was unable to develop because, at the time, Eskom had a moratorium on supplying power to new developments, which led to his coming up with the green housing concept. Rather than just offer buyers a solar-assisted house, he decided to offer them the opportunity to live free of the the problems associated with power delivery in South Africa.

Water will be tanked at the guardhouse, with a tank provided at each home, ensuring an indefinite water supply to every household. Thereby alleviating future water supply issues, which Petzer believes are imminent.
The 39 stands average about 600 square metres, with homes ranging from 273 to 358 square metres. Off-plan buyers can customise footprint, design and finishes – with expert advice from the design team at every step of the construction process.

Conceptualised and developed by the Green Housing Company, the estate features insulative advanced tech buildings, ensuring that the contemporary-styled homes will require minimal (if any) heating and cooling. Solar energy generation also offers the potential for residents to live with zero power costs and independent of the issues surrounding the supply of commercial energy.

The team has focused on the need to move around within the estate with 120 visitor parking bays available in the road design alongside indigenous gardens that look beautiful at all times – and that minimise the water required to keep the environment.

• 24-hour robotics and off-site security
• Indigenous, water-wise gardens
• Stunning views
• Easy access to pretoria and the n1
• Smart homes with ftth
• Living right in the city

The building technology

Working from the roots up, our constructions feature foundations with air pockets, insulated concrete form (ICF) walling, double-glazing and advanced insulated roofing. The improvement in acoustic and thermal insulation means that the homes we build are 500% more insulated, 500% stronger, and twice as acoustically insulated as our closest competitor.
Our renewable energy generation backed up by state-of-the-art high-capacity batteries, and our indigenous gardening combined with a comprehensive water management system enables us to offer a completely off-grid living solution.

Perhaps even more importantly, our product is predominantly made in South Africa, which contributes to job creation while conserving foreign exchange. And, from a broader economic perspective, it also means that we are not beholden to fluctuating exchange rates, nor do we ever have project holdups due to stock being held up at customs.

Our engagement with local government and Eskom at the highest-level means that we are constantly informing stakeholders of every aspect of the green building process. What this ultimately means is that eco homes are opening to more people in South Africa at grassroots level.

We offer a complete and sustainable housing, power and water solution with more than 10 years’ experience. We have moved way beyond our initial proof of concept to being able to state proudly that we are the market leaders in sustainable green housing in South Africa.

The Green Housing Company team is dedicated to providing the people of South Africa with sustainable housing that is not harmful to the environment.

For more information:
Brett Petzer
081 736 6165