The warm beauty of wooden windows and doors

Traditional installation and glazing methods don’t always do justice to even the highest-quality products because on-site skills and standards vary. The best-made product may end up being less than perfectly glazed and fitted.

That’s why Swartland introduced its Ready-2-Fit windows and doors, which are sealed and glazed in the factory during manufacture. The product is then thoroughly wrapped in protective two-stage packaging before being transported.
When it arrives on-site it’s ready to be installed, which saves the builder time and money, and improves the overall quality of their workmanship at no extra cost. Swartland’s offering is unique in the wooden windows and doors market:

• Pre-sealed: During manufacture, all Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit windows and doors are pre-sealed with Maxicare, a high-quality, water-based sealant that ensures optimum protection against the elements. Maxicare boasts many benefits: it is an environmentally friendly sealant, with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, it is ultraviolet- and water-resistant, non-flammable, lead-free, and has an element of anti-fungal protection against dry-rot and other threats. It will also offer years of protection from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, cold, rain and sunlight.
While Maxicare was developed in Germany, it copes well in Africa to cater for darker colours such as Teak and Imbuia, it contains heat-reflective pigments that lower the surface temperature of the wood to reduce natural contraction and expansion.

• Colour choice: Swartland offers the following colour options: Teak, Imbuia, Light Oak and White, Bali Deep, Dusted Moss, Sombrero and Ivory Parchment. They’re in a natural palette that will enhance your home’s modern or traditional design.

• Variety: Ready-2-Fit windows and doors are available in Swartland’s Cape Culture and Winsters ranges
on request.

• Low maintenance: What really makes water-based sealant a real winner is how it makes wooden windows and doors a cinch to maintain. There’s no need for laborious sanding and re-sealing. Just wash and wipe them down to restore their original beauty.

• Glazing is standard: All windows and doors in the Ready-2-Fit range come pre-glazed with standard 4mm or 6.38mm safety glass, in compliance with national building regulations. Other types of glazing, including double-glazing – which improves insulation and reduces noise, as well as Low-E glass (low-emissivity, to reduce infrared and ultraviolet light) – are available on request.

• Pre-hung doors: Swartland pre-hangs doors in
their frames in the factory, with all essential hardware fitted. The building trade welcomed the move, as well as the introduction of adjustable frames to compensate for swelling and shrinking.

• Fixtures and features: Ready-2-Fit doors and windows offer several features to ensure security and energy efficiency, including:
• Espagnolette lock, a multiple locking mechanism that enhances security and ensures a snug, draft-free fit. (Available in the Cape Culture Supreme range.)
• Brass thumb-release handle
• Double-glazing: A variety of thicknesses of glass is available to meet a range of needs
• Composite gaskets, which form an airlock between the frame and casement, to improve insulation
• Wood sections are available in varying thicknesses to ensure windows have optimal thermal and security properties
• Four-bar friction hinges to handle the weight of the extra glass and thicker frame.

• Compliance: Swartland continuously tests its products to ensure they comply with the National Building Regulations and the Consumer Protection Act. To ensure compliance with SANS613 Mechanical Performance Criteria, the Ready-2-Fit range is tested for deflection, structural strength, water-resistance, airtightness, operating forces, and energy efficiency.

Exceptional quality and finish, minimal maintenance, backed by after-sales service.