In 2019, Daikin engaged Pick n Pay Panorama to explore a refrigeration solution that could save on operational costs and maintenance costs in the store. Part of the strategy was to monitor the energy consumption of the existing plant: a condensing unit connected to a 12-foot deli cabinet. After the monitoring process, Daikin ZEAS technology was installed at the store. Following the installation, the monitored electricity consumption demonstrated an average electricity saving of 60%, compared to a traditional solution. Alongside an increase in operating profit, other benefits were also evident: less maintenance, noise reduction for neighbours and reduced floor-space usage.

Key benefits to consider when changing to Daikin ZEAS

Reduced operational cost:
Guard yourself effectively against future electricity price increases and the side effects of load shedding.

More usable floor space:
With the best surface-to-capacity ratio, ZEAS’ design allows for flexible installation. The unit can be installed inside, outside, hanging on the wall, and standing on a roof.

Peace of mind:
• Daikin’s quality standard: Each unit is standardised on an automated European factory line. 100% of the units have gone through quality tests, including leak and running tests.
• Reduced failure rate: Our system design philosophy is focused on no failures and enhancing the lifetime of the equipment by using DC motors, economisers, a head pressure controller and Daikin’s unique oil management system.
• Daikin’s support: Every unit in the South African market will be commissioned and checked by a certified
Daikin engineer.
• Guarantee: Three-year full guarantee on all Daikin equipment.

Low noise: Daikin ZEAS condensing units are designed to operate quietly.

Daikin ZEAS is compatible with almost every third party cabinet and control system (including shop controls).

Optimal food conservation:
Tight evaporation control ensures food stays fresh for longer.

Full flexibility:
Units come in various capacities and can be easily configured to suit any size store.

Feedback from the STORE owner…

How did you hear about the Daikin refrigeration product?
A friend – a senior manager at Daikin South Africa – contacted me and mentioned that Daikin was introducing refrigeration equipment in the South African market. He explained that although Daikin is known locally for its AC equipment, the company also has a large refrigeration footprint in Europe. Asked if we were willing to trial one of the units, in 2019, we started planning to test the first ZEAS system.

How long have you been using the Daikin ZEAS system?
Our first units were installed in 2020, and the remainder of the replacement units in 2021.

What was the biggest standout after changing to the Daikin product?
The energy savings!

From a maintenance/reliability point of view, how do you find the ZEAS units?
The cost of maintenance cost is very low, there have been no breakdowns or gas leakages since installation, and they keep very good temperature consistency throughout the year.

Could you see a difference in energy consumption after changing the five simplex systems to Daikin equipment?
Yes, definitely!

Are you happy with the Daikin product – would you recommend it to other store owners?
Absolutely – the Daikin system comes with many benefits compared to traditional refrigeration equipment.