BioBuild (Pty) Ltd is a South African manufacturing and construction company that specialises in the production of sustainable and ecological building solutions.


Combining over fifty years of experience in both sectors, BioBuild™ offers an innovative lightweight building system that encompasses a bio-ecological construction material consisting of mineralised woodchips and cement.

This eco-friendly production process contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emissions and offers a sustainable solution for the recycling of wood waste, which is the largest portion of the waste stream generated from construction and demolition activities. BioBuild™ offers an alternative that assists in the preservation of energy and natural resources during the construction process and throughout a building’s life cycle. While using the thermal and acoustic efficiencies of wood and the structural qualities of cement, BioBuild™ provides a unique ecological and economical alternative to traditional building materials.

“Due to the ease and speed of installation, modular design capability as well as various insulation and acoustic properties, we have experienced a very positive response to the product,” says Cavan Bartlett of BioBuild (Pty) Ltd. “With our core materials consisting of recycled wood waste and cement, we have created a fully sustainable green building alternative that we feel can be a direct replacement for brick and mortar.”

In the xPod Design collaboration with Mulitply Holdings and Pure Consulting, the use of BioBuild™ precast panels within the instant room structure provides additional space within a residential, commercial or retail environment that can be installed within two days.

A green agenda

The BioBuild™ Building System provides numerous product benefits, including thermal insulation and energy efficiency, acoustic absorption, CO₂ emission reduction and storage, high solidity and anti-seismic characteristics, fire resistance and steam permeability. This is in addition to the lightweight material that offers durability and minimal maintenance, along with the modular design capacity which ensures a simple installation process. The usage of BioBuild™ in a construction project can reduce the time to complete the project by as much as 50%.

Bartlett says that the system and material have been under development for the past three years, and during this process, the company received its Agrément certification and National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) approval for the product and has proceeded with nationwide distribution.

“The mission and objectives of BioBuild include creating a healthier and more sustainable living environment by reducing the carbon footprint of infrastructure through the use of recyclable materials, while maintaining the core intention to provide an ecological building alternative that is accessible, affordable and easy to install, without compromising on the quality of the final product,” concludes Bartlett.