Green walls are also referred to as eco walls, living walls or vertical gardens.


Green walls are also referred to as eco walls, living walls or vertical gardens. Living green walls are comprised of plants that are situated into a growing medium and then placed on the wall of one’s choice. There are many additional benefits one can experience from jumping on the green wall trend. Vertical gardens have the ability to not only add life and beauty to one’s space but also improve air quality and boost employee morale by providing inspiration and creativity.

Living green walls in corporate offices have been on the lips of forward thinkers for ages, and are currently a hot topic, and will continue to be for some time to come. Green walls are a wonderful addition to any office. In the last several decades, a huge amount of green space has been lost in cities, and this has been accompanied by an increasing level of air pollution. The result is that there has been a rise in respiratory issues like asthma as well as an uptick in allergies. One of the best solutions to this problem is to add green walls to buildings.

Green walls are a perfect option for any company or business that desires the benefits which plants offer, but have floor space restrictions. Vertical gardens add life and colour in a unique and trendy manner that can enhance reception areas, lobbies, hallways, and meeting rooms. Green walls make a powerful visual statement to potential customers and clients, while providing all the known benefits of plants. Having led the way in helping companies across South Africa to green up their office spaces for decades, we’re not only at the forefront of this trending topic, but we’ve also created an art form of it.

Bring your green wall vision to life

Execuflora has the ability and knowledge to bring your green wall vision to life. Our green walls can be custom designed to your requirements. This means that we can help you bring your vision to life while helping you maintain your company’s identity, by adding your logo or elements that you require. Green wall maintenance might pop into your mind as a reason for you to not embark on the journey of adding a vertical garden to your space, however, Execuflora not only offers the ability to custom create and install your vertical garden, but we also offer the option to assist you in maintaining your living artwork.

Execuflora offers a large variety of green wall styles that you can choose from. Our wide range includes fixed green walls, space-dividing green walls and preserved moss walls, suited for any budget or space.
Let Execuflora help you bring the outdoors indoors and transform your environment to add a unique selling point to your company’s space. Jump on the opportunity to give your staff and customers a conversation starter. Contact us today to receive a quote on adding a touch of green and life to your work environment.

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