Big Red is an all-in-one waste water treatment system


After many years of treating waste water with a combination of old school underground septic and conservancy tanks, clever plumbing and mechanical know how, the technical team behind the Big Red joint venture is proud to release the latest blend of technologies in waste water management for domestic and industrial use.

Big Red is an all-in-one waste water treatment system, capable of treating a wide range of waste-water conditions, and turning black and grey water into recycled effluent for irrigation purposes. The development of this product was in response to the demand for a packaged solution, and was the result of combining all the parts and processes required in a successful treatment plant, into one ‘plug & play’ unit, which is now available to South Africans off-the-shelf and ready to install.

Big Red HQ

The design team have created a modular design, which is scalable, making the waste water treatment plants available in a wide range of sizes. By simply connecting one’s domestic sewer pipe to the inlet, the black and grey water enters the custom-designed multi-chambered septic tank. Here, separation and break down of organic solids occur. Partially treated effluent gradually feeds into the bio-reactor, oxygen is introduced, followed by the aerobic digestion process. The treated effluent then enters the disinfection chamber, and goes through an in-line chlorinator, ready to be used as irrigation water.

Big Red 75 – Savuti 1

The durable system is manufactured using pure linear low-density polyethylene and is 100% recyclable. It can be installed below ground, above ground or containerised for export. This makes it ideal for remote estates, rural schools, clinics, hospitals, and urban environments. The product is also cost effective, efficient, and solar compatible, and offers flow rates from 1kl/day to 500kl/day. Domestic plants can cater for between four and 12 people, where commercial or industrial, custom-designed systems can cater for up to 2 000 people.

The systems can effectively treat a combination of grey and black “whole house” effluent.

The Big Red system is South African Bureau of Standards- and Organization for Standardization 9001 2017-accredited, and discharge parameters meet and exceed Department of Water and Sanitation general standards. This means that the treated effluent is discharged lawfully back into the environment.

“We believe that Big Red is the future for modular waste water treatments,” says business director Clinton Havenga. “Every drop of water counts, and should be re-used for irrigation, dust suppression, toilet flushing etc. Access to sanitation is a right, not a luxury, and, as market leaders, we are striving to be creative and stay true to our brand. Join us on our journey,” he says.

Clinton Havenga
Cell: +27 82 319 5185