Attaining a 6-Star Green Star rating on a building is a challenging goal, and the way that waste is handled plays a vital role in this achievement. WastePlan are specialists in waste reduction, driven by a vision of a cleaner, greener future. They recently helped three key clients achieve their goals, and here they share how it was done…

Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University comprises five campuses, with more than 30 000 students. WastePlan has provided on-site waste management and recycling services at this prominent institution for years and has delivered a remarkable average waste diversion rate of 76%. This means they only send 24% of all waste from across every campus to landfill. This has been achieved by implementing a holistic ZWTL strategy in collaboration with SU Management, providing ongoing training to students and facility operations, establishing a centralised on-site waste sorting facility to optimise recycling, and finding alternative solutions for various grades of plastic that are currently non-recyclable.

“It takes huge efforts between SU Management and WastePlan to continuously measure and analyse the data, which is used to change systems and packaging materials, resulting in maximising diversion rates. WastePlan as our service provider is instrumental in all the targets we achieved.” – John De Wet, Environmental Sustainability Manager & Facilities Management at Stellenbosch University

V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa. Spreading over 123 hectares, this multi-use neighbourhood welcomes millions of visitors every year, offering everything from residential to commercial property, hotels, retail districts, extensive dining, leisure and entertainment facilities.

In October 2022, WastePlan was appointed as the V&A Waterfront’s waste management service provider. Since then, the V&A Waterfront’s average diversion from landfill ratio has increased from 35% to 61% and the overall waste-to-landfill ratio has decreased by 31% (close to 100 tons of waste per month). This has been achieved by fine-tuning operational processes in close partnership with V&A Waterfront Management, intensifying training and education around separation at source processes to limit the contamination of recycling, accurate, real-time tracking and detailed reporting of the waste generated, and managing daily servicing for up to 400 collection points supported by four dedicated vehicles.
“It is vitally important for us to choose the right business partner when it comes to waste management. Since we’ve joined forces with WastePlan, we have seen phenomenal growth in our diversion ratios.” – Petro Myburgh, Senior Manager for the Waterfront

Liberty Two Degrees

Liberty Two Degrees (L2D), which has a large national retail and commercial portfolio of over 622 000m2, with a market-leading trading performance and an increase in annual footcount, is set to achieve Net Zero readiness by 2023 and attain certification in 2023. WastePlan has provided waste management services since August 2021 and has significantly improved their waste management efforts to reduce waste-to-landfill from the L2D buildings. The current waste diversion rate achieved for the entire portfolio is 90%. This has been achieved by focused, on-going engagement with L2D management on the achievement of ZWTL, providing ongoing training to waste generators, accurate, real-time tracking and detailed reporting of the waste generated at source, and enabling a user-based billing process.

“Since having been appointed, WastePlan has improved the waste diversion ratio of our property portfolio to an average of 90%. This is the result of ongoing successful interaction between our management team and WastePlan.” – Martin Lamprecht, Head of Facilities

WastePlan has empowered Stellenbosch University, the V&A Waterfront, and Liberty Two Degrees to generate income from their waste, improve their sustainability score and reduce their waste to landfill – they can do the same for you!

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The WastePlan difference

In 2022 alone, WastePlan recycled 89% of all the waste handled across 800 client sites. This is through customised services to match the distinct needs of each client, including:

On-site waste and recycling management: Trained, experienced on-site staff (real experts in sorting waste) ensure that the waste sorting, recycling and collection processes are relevant and effective.
Waste-to-value rebate programme: They pay rebates for the recycling collected from the client’s site, which reduces your overall waste management cost.

Accurate reporting: a user-friendly reporting platform provides verifiable, real-time data – empowering you to track your progress regularly and make informed decisions.

Compliance: WastePlan ensures 100% compliance by partnering exclusively with correctly certified transport, recovery, recycling and disposal service providers.

Waste-reduction solutions: They identify possible ways to reduce waste streams, as well as opportunities for recycling and repurposing (remember that there is profit from recycling waste, so here is where the best innovations happen).
Training: They provide training to employees (or tenants) to change behaviour and adopt new processes.